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What will I receive if I make a request?

You will receive a working PC, with a Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software suite installed. You will also receive all required cords, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. In most cases, the PC will also include a sound card with speakers. The PC may optionally include a Wi-Fi and/or an Ethernet card (for broadband Internet connection).

Can I request specifics (laptop, desktop, operating system, accessories, etc)?

Yes, you can list specific requirements in your request application. However, we can’t guarantee that the requested items are in our current inventory. Adding specific requests may delay when your PC will be ready.

If I donate a PC, what happens to the information on my hard drive?

The information on your working hard drive will be erased via a secure, full disk overwrite operation. If the hard drive in your system is not working, the drive is physically made inoperable. There is no need to worry about someone getting your data.

How long will it take to receive a computer?

We fill the requests on a first-come, first-serve basis, but since we can’t predict the amount and type of equipment that is donated to Recycled-PC, Inc., we can’t guarantee a specific date when your request will be filled.

Recycled-PC, Inc. makes every effort to ensure that the PC system is fully functional when you take delivery, as each system is tested after being rebuilt. If you experience a hardware problem, please email us and we will try and resolve the issue. Recycled-PC, Inc. can only help with hardware failures, we do not have the staffing at the current time to provide general support, such as supporting software applications that you install, or other problems such as those caused by viruses, malware, etc.

What about dropping off equipment or picking up equipment?

Recycled-PC, Inc. serves Northern Colorado. Currently we are unable to offer drop-off or delivery of computer equipment. We ask that you contact us to make these arrangements.