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Recycled-PC, Inc. — Mission

Recycled-PC, Inc., is a non-profit corporation serving Northern Colorado and whose stated mission is: “To refurbish and distribute computers free of charge.”

David H. Hanes, CEO

Computers have been a part of Dave Hanes’ life since he was a teenager. He owned one of the first Radio Shack TRS-80 computers and sold his first computer game called “Medieval Magic” when he was 15. Now a software engineer and program manager for over 30 years at Hewlett Packard, Dave is one of those people who have kept up with the changes in the computer industry. Dave has been informally refurbishing and donating computers, and started Recycled-PC, Inc. with the help of Mike Nappa and Susan Hanes.

Mike Nappa, CCO

Mike Nappa is President of Nappaland Communications Inc., parent company of Nappaland Literary Agency, Nappaland Public Relations, and “The Free E-Magazine for Families.” A co-founder of Recycled-PC, Inc., he serves on the board of directors as Chief Creative Officer and Senior Vice-President of the organization.

Susan Hanes, COO

Susan Hanes supports Recycled-PC, Inc. as COO and website designer. Website and graphic design is her passion. Susan has seen Dave do amazing work on computers and is excited to see Recycled-PC, Inc. take shape and grow.